Adam Benharrats

Quantitative Trader

«Look where others don’t.»

Jaffray Woodriff

Adam designs and implements systematic strategies based on model generated trading signals.

Using advanced mathematical and statistical techniques, Adam establishes effective commodity trading strategies. His creativity and methodical approach allow Electrum to deploy forefront models (Dimensionality Reduction Techniques, Feedforward Neural Networks, Denoising approaches and Topological Analysis) and systematically extract value in the FX & precious metals markets. Prior to joining Electrum, Adam spent 5 years as a quantitative strategist at TotalEnergies in Geneva contributing to the successful development of innovative Energy focused strategies as well as enhancing internal risk management models. Now based in Paris, he returns to the city where he started his career as a data scientist, focused on machine learning for customer segmentation and community detection. Later, he also worked on anomaly detection and signal processing alongside renowned French Professor Mathilde Mougeot. Adam is also passionate about artificial intelligence and automation. His interest in literature provides a refreshing balance to his analytical mindset while enriching his ability to think out of the box and find elegant solutions to complex problems. Adam holds a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Lyon 1.