Marwane Khalloufi

Financial analyst

«An investment in knowledge pays the best interest»

Benjamin Franklin

Marwane is part of the team that oversees electrum’s financing, liquidity, collateral management, valuation and brokers relationships.

Marwane is a young passionate and versatile financial analyst. After studying at IAE Caen where he learned business administration and obtained his master in the field of accounting/finance, he then decided to keep going by graduating of a Master of Advanced Studies and Research in Finance in IAE Rennes. Marwane seeks to keep growing as a financial engineer and expand his knowledge of past and present financial markets as well as their future possible shape. To accomplish that, he is working for the CFA Level II as he successfully passed the Level I. This will strengthen its overall expertise and capabilities further. Thanks to an experience in FX structured products and Collateral Management inside the Indosuez Group coupled with his passion for markets and financial history, he possesses the right fundamentals to bring efficient and qualitative results. He looks to constantly improve and learn, just like he has to when he is on the tennis court where problem solving is permanent. In the end, Marwane seeks to bring his passion into this growing and dynamic division of OCIM group.