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electrum SA is an affiliated Swiss company, with a team based in Paris and Geneva, providing to its parent company OCIM a proprietary trading expertise to support the group activities, mostly for hedging and risk management purposes.

Electrum actively trades on listed and OTC markets via a growing network of banks and brokers, using sophisticated proprietary strategies and derivatives instruments such as futures, forwards and options.
Focus is on Metals, Commodities and Forex Markets with a constant monitoring and evaluation of opportunities to optimize dynamic hedging strategies. Hedging strategies are geared towards providing both downside protection and upside participation to the volatile price moves of the underlying markets.
Electrum also manages a trading book for its own account with the objective of delivering optimal risk-adjusted returns, under strict capital allocation and risk management rules, with a quarterly third-party review by an independant Swiss regulated auditor.

Our approach

Our hedging solutions

  1. Cutting-edge data driven technology
  3. FundaMental expeRtise on the undeRlying MaRkets
  4. Efficient execution on OTC and oRganised MaRkets
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